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This is a group for Connected Home Networking professionals to expand out the network of people and ideas
                  across different technologies and systems from wireless  to cable or in a combination.                                          

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Wedecon Design http://www.wb-net.dk

* Ethernet LAN Cat5e, CAT6 and CAT7
* Wi-Fi Wireless LAN connections ..WIFI LAN..
* Coaxial cables MOCA -
   Multimedia over Coax Alliance
* High Speed Data, Audio og Video Home Networks
* HD TV and  HDMI networks
* HomePNA
* TCP/IP networks
* Twisted pair  - RJ45
* PLC Power line communication
* Phone wiring
* Fibre optics – and other optical networks.
* Fiber Home Networking    FTTH - FTTO - FTTx
* Network
* CATV on twisted pair cabling
* Wired Home Networking
* www.whdi.org
* VDI  technology -  Voice Data Image
* Connected Home
* x10 controller
* Connected Home Networking USHI
* MoCA connected Home
* M2M in the connected Home
* IoT in the connected Home
* Connected Home Networking
* Universal Plug and Play  
   Digital Living Network
* KVM extender

* USB 
* Firewire

* Set-top boxes  
* Digital
* Hjemmenetværk
* Videoserver
* Automative Car Ethernet
* Fiber to the home
* CCTV  IP networks
* Networked Home Media
* Home Building Automation
* Wired
* HomeNet
* Home Automation controller
* X10 home automation
* KNX Dali EIB  Light control
* Home Health Monitoring &    
   e-Health Home technology
* Telemedicine  * Telemedicin
* Green Smart Home
* Blue Energy - Green Energy
* Blå Energi
* greenenergy & bllueenergy
* Google Intelligent Home   
   Smart-Home Android@Home
* Microsoft
Intelligent Home  
CATV on twisted Pair Cabling

LexCom Home &



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